Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I named this blog due to the inspiration of the other girl intern named Amanda whose blog is "5967 miles" which is the amount of miles that is me from Africa. Pretty amazing and that may be off a bit. My time in Nigeria has been a blast. This is probably the coolest place ever and the scariest thing is that I can see myself living here and doing what Corrie and John do everyday. Life here is complicated but it makes you appreciate what we have in America. We do have electricity for most of the day but when it goes out and if its night time then it is pitch dark in the house and on the street. You can barley see the hand in front of your face. I find these things very unique because I take them for granted in the states. For instance, we have water heaters that we have to turn on about 20 mins before our showers everyday. If you are wondering about safety we have guards that are here 24.7 and a guard dog that is roaming from 11:30PM till 6am. He is a good guard dog. We are not allowed outside because he is that dangerous but that is a good thing because that way we know we are really safe. Nigeria is so different than Kenya. The landscape is way more rocky than where kenya is more grassy. I love it though because it is beautiful. So you are wondering what have I been doing for the past couple of days? Well, the first night when we got off the plane we were picked up by John and his son Gus and taken to a Guest house. It was like a hotel but really nice. I was impressed. The next day we drove about 3 hours from Abuja to Jos. We arrived and saw Corrie and the girls. The house we are staying at is really nice. Nothing, that I expected. We have running water but we can't drink it and flushing toliets. I like that we can flush the toilets! The electricity goes out but we have a generator we can run for about 3 to 4 hours which is very nice. We have to purify all of our water by a little packet of mixture. We, the interns, learned how to make our water today. You have to get a bucket of about 10 liters, put packet in, stir for about 5 mins, and as you stir all of the germs turn orange and make this nasty bubble looking thing. Then you let it sit for 5 mins and then pour into a clean water holder. I touched the nasty germs just for the experience and it wasn't bad haha just gross. Also, on our first day we got to go the the B2B new property or soon to be property which was a blessing to see. Its about 85 acres. We climbed these huge boulders to view and the view was out of this world. But today was also a great day because we got to visit one of the children's home. Its about 10 mins or less away. Its called CLAPA use to be known as CLAPF. These children are boys and girls that range from Pre-K to third grade and most of them have HIV or have been in contact with someone with HIV. These kids are great and they love visitors! We had a blast with them. I can't wait to hang out more. Then the rains came and we left. It rains almost everyday or more than once everyday here. And when its rains it pours. But, something about the rain here is just beautiful. As most of us hate it in the states but being here I see how great, precious, and wet it is to the souls who live here. We came back to the B2B house to have dinner prepared by our cook (A nigerian named Liyda) Her food is out of this world. I love it! Anyways, this place is great and I've only been here for a few days. This post was crazy and had lost of information but wanted to give everyone a hello and to give out a few things we were doing. Anyways, our summer's theme is "Shelter" found in psalm 91. I'll blog later this week. hope this gives you a little bit of an idea of whats going on but all in all God is great and what God is doing here is even great-er!And there is a bout a 5 hour difference here! Love you all! Praise God!


  1. I am happy that you arrived safely!!! I love that God has already started working on you. YOU AMAZE ME!!!

  2. the amount of detail makes me feel as if I'm in Africa too. glad you're safe. thinking of you and want to hear more! -sierra