Friday, May 22, 2009

One week till Kickoff-

Hello all !

This whole Blog thing is new to me, however, with my trip this is necessary for me to keep contact with everyone. I am hopefully leaving for Nigeria next Saturday may 30! This past week I have been on the phone with a visa company (Visa-entry) for Nigeria because my passport has been lost. This is terrible but the good news is that the Travisa place found my passport. It had been sitting on someones desk for a month and this person had done nothing with it. So the good news is that the passport was found but now I take the risk of whether or not the Nigerian Embassy in Washington will issue my visa to enter Nigeria by next Friday. So pray, pray, pray!

So about my trip. I will be working alongside Back2Back Ministries in Nigeria, Africa. I worked with this ministry in Monterrey Mexico last summer. I will be gone from May 30 until July 7th. This minsitry works with oraphans, villages, and the community to better enrich the people of the love of Jesus. We will also be working on several work projects. This is an incredible experience that I have been blessed with.

The only downfall for most people would be that the place I am staying at(a compound house that is safe and guarded 24/7) only has electricity for about 4 to 8 hours a day or none at all. This will be an experience to test myself to live without lights, computers, cell phones, and basic life. I take this as a rewarding chance to be quiet for 30 days. Our lives are composed of living in the computer generation and new technology to make life easier but with my experince I plan on slowing down, seeing what is important in life, and hearing God speak. Lots of people say God doesn't speak but sometimes our lives are so loud in gadgets that we are not listening. So as I am scared of how I will adjust to the life in Nigeria I am more excited to see how I will be changed.
This is one reason I have created this blog because it is easier for me to communicate my feelings, trip details, etc. I love emails from everyone but please understand I may not be able to answer them until a few weeks later. Plus, I am not taking my laptop so I may not update at all.

Things you can do:
-Email me about what you are doing( ;
-Pray for my team, me, and the people we are working with
-Do not worry; if you have worries put those in God's hands

This will be a great trip and I can not wait to go! I am very sad I will not be in Mexico working with my friends there but I know God has placed me in Nigeria for a reason. May God be with you and if you are not traveling with Back2Back this summer our verses are from Psalm 91. It talks about shelter that we find in our Lord.

If you are wondering why I have named my blog "Rusted Root" it deals with my life. if you have ever heard the song by Rusted Root "Send me on my way" kind of explains my trip and life! Enjoy!

In Christ we serve,

Christina (Tina) Black

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  1. Tina,
    God is doing such a great work in you! I'm so excited to see all He has in store for you in Nigeria. Treasure this time for quiet and listening for God to speak to you. We're praying for you!
    Love and tons of blessings,