Sunday, June 28, 2009

Breathing in...

Our teaching finally came to end on Friday. The kids did their presentations and everything went great. The best part is that I believe the kids really did learn something from what we were teaching. We then rewarded them with projecting the movie Madasgcar with popcorn and organge juice. We then went swimming in a pool at a hotel. The hotel was very similar to a nice Family Holiday Inn. The pool water was freezing but once we got in it was better. I finally got a tan or better than what I had or atleast evened out my farmers tan. We ate-out at the hotel and the food was okay. What I got was okay untill I found a questionable meat product in it. The rest of our group liked their food but were in tears because the food was so spicy. I think the people here sometimes put more spice on our food(as a joke) to see how much we can take till our eyes water.(makes me laugh though) Our day off was yesterday and for our time we went hiking again at Sherry Hills. We went there a few weeks back but couldn't make it to the top of the mountain of boulders. Well yesterday we made it to the top. It was a work out though. When we first went not a lot of the grass had grown but since then the grass, shrubs, and weeds have grown a lot. After going through small caves, climbing over rocks, touching lots of monkey poop, and feeling the sweat on my back coming through my shirt we made it to the top. There was one point when we were climbing through two rocks and I was really scared because for one I didn't wanna get stuck or have a animal come out from a hole and have no way out. When we got to the top it was the most beautiful site ever. If you can imagine way back when in the movie Lion King when the King lion walks out on that rock well thats what we were standing on. It was a huge rock sticking out looking out on the land. We had some great PB and J sandwhiches up there too. Yum! And we were going to try to climb higher but saw that some birds were nesting there and pretty much warned us that if we got any higher that they would be stopping us. The climb was great though. Getting to the top was wonderful. I think the most beautiful thing about Nigeria is climning these rocks and just seeing the wonderful city of Jos. Its just beautiful. I've been to Kenya and seen how beautiful it is but here its just different in how pretty it is. Dont get me wrong because both countries are out of this world beautiful. After that climb we had some yummy home-made lasgna. Probably one of the best meals all week. Today, we went to church at the village. One of the village little girls remebered my name which was great. Its always awkward re-intorudcing yourself to someone or atleast I think so. After church I was hanging out with some of the young girls and I thought I was speaking pretty good Hausea to one of the elders but the girls started laughing at me. The church provided us Americans a mineral(a soda) to basically say thanks for being part of the church.(or more or less a gift for coming ...kind of like when you have a guest in your american church and you give them a bible or something) Made all of us feel guilty drinking in front of all these people who never get to drink a mineral. Seceretly, we gave some of them away to the children. It was a great honor though to be thought of so highly. The preacher wanted us to pray for rain. I think it rains a lot here but I guess since I'm not a farmer I do not know how much rain is needed. But, today it did rain. Shows the grace of God and when the people cry for help the Lord will answer. After we went to church we went out to eat at a local resurant. The food was great but it takes forever to get it. It took atleast an hour. We then went to the "grocery store" so the Gukenbergers could pick up some things for their family. Its been made a joke by some of the guys here to point out all the guys here who get off their motorcycles to go to the bathroom. (motorcycles are the taxi of Jos and all the taxi's are driven by men) so when the man must pee he gets off and goes right in front of everyone. Life is always made simple here! Ha! anyways the guys here think its funny to point out and makes me think and say "only in nigeria".

This is the start of my last week in Nigeria. It's a bummer because I could stay much longer. So pray for great times to come here, lots of fun, and making goodbyes not seem like it will be a goodbye forever.

Galatians 5:16
16 So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. 17 For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever you want. 18 But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.

Let the freedom of Christ set your soul free and let yourself be led by the spirit today.

For all girls out there-a book suggestion-read "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers(if you like that cheesy rommance novel)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So this week has flown by with teaching. Today was a great day teaching. Teaching has gotten a lot better. I'm not exactly sure why but maybe its that we now know what exactly each class is on by grade-level. Now we know how to communicate to them and for them to actually understand instead of glaring at us with the "whhhat" face. The past couple of days have made me laugh because I have been playing soccer with some of the Nigerians at the village and the children's home. The woman director Kempme, her husband, coaches a soccer team and the other day one of the players came by and she introduced me and said "now this is a girl you need to play soccer with ..she is very talented". Made me really feel special considering every time I play I'm dying of breath because I'm not fast enough. However, I do believe they run faster here. When we went to the village we played soccer with some of the guys and by far I was the only girl and then it rained and it was a great highlight to be in the middle of Africa playing soccer. Today, was an exciting day teaching because today the kids got to draw their animal. I was dreading this day because I am a horrible drawer and if these kids can't draw I was hmm well I guess we will just stick with stick animals but I was impressed by their skills of drawing. One of the things that interns are trying to accomplish this week is to let these kids see imagination. These kids are raised to only understand "black and white" situations. We want them to see beyond that! So its hard for us to teach that because how do you teach that? That comes from the child just being silly and thinking up weird things in their minds but they have impressed me by their amount of trying to do their best in these acitivies. After school we played a couple of games like Freeze Tag, Red/Green Light, and Red Rover. Red Rover was a great game and the kids enjoyed it so much that at the end the winning team(which was all the kids) ran around screaming that they had won. Pretty cool to see them all exciting over something so small. We then came back the house and had another wonderful tasting PB & J sandwich. After that we went to a hospital that B2B has been trying to build relationship with. The hospital is small but cares for all things such as HIV/ TB, and other sicknesses. Its somewhat of an orphanage as well. There are about 9 kids there. Ages from High school to 2 months old. These kids are great but for some you can just tell they have something wrong with them. We got to see some of the babies and one of the babies was 7 years old but just never grew and now will stay in a crib for probably the rest of his life. We met a wonderful girl named Abigail who suffered from polio and is now in a wheelchair with not a lot of access at all but just her fingers. She made me laugh. She thought I was 32 years old which I am still trying to figure out if she meant as a joke or not..hopefully it was a joke. She was great though and hopefully I'll get to see her before I leave in a week. It's sometimes sad seeing these kids but I always try to not think of it like that but rather hey me being here is a sign saying to them that they are loved and with me being here, with B2B helping out, there is a future for this child. So looking at a child's future is more exciting then looking at what they have right now.

It's crazy to think that I've already been here for almost 4 weeks. Time flies. Ive done so much here physically, mentally, socially, and everyday I'm learning something new about God. One of the interns is reading this book called "Crazy Love" and the very first quote made me bite my tongue when I read it because it was so true of my life in so many ways. The quote defines what some of us Christians view our faith and why so many non-christians think we are fake or unreal in our walks.

"To Just read the bible, attend church, and avoid "big sins" --is this passionate, whole-hearted, our love for God? " Francois Fenelon

Ouch. Wow how many times do we think we are being the "Right" or just "doing what Christians do" really made me think of what exactly I value in my faith and what exactly is Jesus calling us as Christians to do everyday? I believe if you look deep enough at Jesus you realize that he never walked in the easy, calm, safe zone so why do we as Christians think its best do that? Does it make us feel safe with God by just going to church, read the bible here and there, and dont break some of the rules in the big 10? Safe? I made a thought to myself that I do not want to be safe...I want to be a Christian who gets questioned, who gets criticized, who fights for whats right, and at the end of the day I look at my hands and feet and know Jesus would be proud.
So this quote takes me back to these kids I'm teaching everyday. Are we seeing our faith as Christians as just black and white? Are you looking beyond what is right there in black, white, and red in the bible?

Look at your own life whether or not you are a Christian is your life too black and white?

Looking for deeper meanings and not just reading the words but reading in between those words? This one quote really makes me want to start acting on my faith everyday..not when I'm in Africa being a missionary but everyday when I am driving in my car, at school, or more importantly when I meet a stranger.

Just a few thoughts of what has been going on in my mind. I think that quote really sums up what Christians and non Christians believe our faith to be. I think its time for us as Christians to make it more, let people see what and who Jesus really was, and finally showing in our everyday lives.

One of my favorite verses comes from Isiah and it talks about how we just need to say "okay here I am"

Isiah 6: 8 "And the Lord asked whom shall I send? and they responded "Send me Lord..I'll go"

Just food for thought! Anyways, tomorrow we are teaching again and then hiking around the new B2B property. 300 or something new acres ..wooh gonna loose some weight fo sure tomorro! haha

have a great day!

James 4:14
“For your life is like morning fog--its here for a while and then gone..”



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Teachers are great gifts...

This week has marked the week of teaching at the children's home. I never thought teaching was so hard(and I took Teacher Cadet in High school) untill now. Its actually not that hard finding material to teach but its the teaching process of getting the kids to understand. We took the children's home to library (the library where the missionaries kids go too) and they had a blast but it was the longest two hours. The kids had to find a book on their animal they were reseraching, what it looked like, where it lived, and read a book on it. Plus, coloring as well. We then took them to the librarian's house(the library is on a big compound where the teachers stay and the school is located there) and the librarian had a pet monkey. That was pretty neat and makes me want to steal a monkey from here to take home. Don't think my parents would be a big fan of that and also monkeys poop way too much for me. Also, today we went to the 2nd part of the village we work with. Played with the kids like soccer, blowing bubbles, and passing out lolli-pops. We also got to meet one of the cheifs of the village. From my understanding the cheifs are somewhat like our system on commisnor, mayor, governor and so therefore we met one of the commisoners. The saying is that if we ever meet the head chief of the WHOLE village we are not allowed to shake his hand, look at him, or anything because it is showing disrepect but it was neat to be welcomed by atleast on the cheifs. He was very grateful for us being there and told us to move to Jos to live. So this week has been exciting and but frustrating. Tomorrow we are going to the children's home and then going to a local Hopstial we work with that serves as a hostpital and a children's home.

Romans 12:1-18

BTW here is a bit of Hausa langauge for you "Batori" means white person. Add that to your vocab of the day.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Good Riddance...

So the past couple of days have been fun filled with several events and activities. On Wednesday we went on a Nigerian Safari. The place was about 2.5 hours away. The name was Yankari.( The place was somewhat of a hotel and safari all in one. There were baboons sitting all around the buses. Most would come about 5 ft away from you. They wanted food and they would fight over it. But it was neat to be so close to those creatures. Some were picking out the bugs of their young ones or carry their young ones on their backs or under their bellies. We went on the safari in a typical African jeep looking vehicle. It was a blast but sadly we only saw about two animals. What we saw were ginniefouls(like a over sized turkey) and some African deer. We got to go look at some caves that people used during the slavery times to hide out. After that we had some great P & B and J sandwiches. We then went to a natural clear water spring to swim in. This was probably one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.( The water came straight from a large rock and poured out fresh clean clear blue water and it was warm. It was the best 2 hours spent swimming in a long time. There was a high tree branch that we climbed and jumped into the water. The past couple of days we have spent much time planning our next week for the CLAPAI children's home because we interns are teaching for a full week. There are 6 interns and we are teaching English(grammar and writing), basic math, and science. Our overall theme is the rainforest where each kid will get an animal, learn about the the layer of the rainforest where that animal lives, and present it to their fellow classmates. Should be a great week but I know have a new thankfulness for all the teachers I have had over the years who plan day after day. Thursday night we hosted some of the Nigerian B2B staff for dinner. We had spicy chicken wraps and no-bake-'em cookies. We played "Tele-Draw" and it was hilarious. It was neat to hang out with them and for them to feel at home with us Americans. Today, was a great day as well. I and two other girl interns spent time drilling holes into some pipes to build a volleyball net. We then had to make cement by hand to fill the tires so the poles would stand straight. It was great to get dirty and feel accomplished on a project. The other interns spent time fixing up our house with putting in new fans and some hanging hooks for towels. Tonight's dinner was fantastic. We went to a Chinese restaurant that is owned by a Lebanese family but the food was so great and it felt like a little bit of home cooking. Since being here I have learned how to play a lot of new games and learned the power of patience. Yesterday we didn't have power for 14 hours and had to rely on the generator every 3 to 4 hours of power. We also had a storm last night that sounded like a tornado. We have a tin-roof so when it rains it sounds louder than it really is. And since the power was out we had to have our windows open for air so with the storm there was loud wind blowing in and out and then the rain. It gave us girl interns a bit of a scare and something to laugh about in the morning about how scared we were over a storm. My home Church, St. Marks, leaves for Mexico and Kenya in the next couple of days and makes me miss those places 10 times more.Please pray for safe travels, changed hearts, and fun adventure! Hopefully, with my experience I can encourage others to come to Nigeria and see how beautiful, the change we can make for these people, and see how God works with people of different culture. If you are interested in a trip to Nigeria I would love to talk to you about it or how you can give support to the staff and their overall goals here. For now, the weekend looks pretty relaxful with tomorrow being a half work day half off day and Sunday going to church. Then Monday comes and I become a science teacher!(Or more like pretend)

James 1:27
"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

Have a great weekend and Happy Father's day to all Fathers and to mine you are the best father ever! I am thankful for you as my father and everything you have taught me and helped create who I am today! :)

Hakuna Matata

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Sun rises early...

Feels like the days here start earlier and at nightime it feels much later than it really is. Most of us are exhausted by 8pm because it feels like 11pm here. Today is all of our day-off so we slept in which meant we slept past 8:30. Woosh so late! Ha! Anyways, for days when we have nothing planned we use a projector and watch movies, get online, do laundry, read, or play lots of board and card games. Time flies when you play games. Today, later on, we may go down to the missionary school(where the Gukenbergers kids go to school) and play soccer. Yesterday, was our first day shopping as interns in the market. Its no wal-mart here that for sure. Everything from toliet paper to fruit to meat are all over the place. Fresh meat was being cut on the board or being skinned. Kind of like a flea market but very disorganized and people everywhere. You had to barter and the ironic thing is that when you go to the market you never know what people will have in stock that day so you may want toliet paper but if they don't have it then you won't be able to get it. It was a neat experiece and seeing what people go through here to make meals and getting necessary materials to live on. I'd go again just because it was a lot of fun being with all the nigerian people and adpating to their culture. Tomorrow we are waking up around 6am to go to a safari about 3 hours away. Also at the safari is hot springs where we can swim. Should be fun! Hopefully, we can see some lions and elephants. Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying their summer! send me and email and let me know whats going on in your life! Id love to hear from everyone!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Let the Voices sing...

We went to the village church today. (The village is a community of people that either live in small brick buildings or little huts and is the low of low poverty) We went there and were welcomed like celebrities. We got front row sitting. Most of the service was not in English but it was neat to think that this is how heaven is going to be like. People aren't all going to be speaking english in heaven and all of us speaking different languages will praise the King and will sing in harmony. It was a cool thought to think about that one day all of Jesus' people will sing in harmony and have peace on Earth. The service was really great and the pastor had a great sermon. Tomorrro we are going shpping again the markets. Should be a blast! I hope all of you have a great day! :)

Philli 4:4
"4Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

8Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. 9Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you."

Love God; Love People!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Preach the Gospel at all times and if necessary use words" St. Francis of Assissi

The quote above sparked a change in my day when we were working at the village. It was written on one of the group members shirts and I was like hmm that is so true. We think that mostly we must preach in words but sometimes people learn more by our actions and that is so true here. Being around these children who have never had a role model that is trusted makes them watch our every move. Who we are, what we say, how we treat each other is how they will act. But more importantly, sorry for not updating sooner but the electricity has been off and on all week. For a few dinners we had candels out. Makes me laugh because you just never know when it will go out or come back on. My week here has been so great. We had our first group come and it was only 4 people. They were college aged and from the Kentucky and Cincinnati area. We spent at least two days at CLAPAI(the childrens home) doing projects like trimming bushes, doing crafts, and filling a hole so the kids could play soccer. One of the interns who was trimming bushes decided to make hers into a bird and so I helped and then we made a bet to one of the guys on staff of B2B that if he could guess what we shaped it into then we got free ice cream and funny enough we really got the bush to look like a bird and now get free ice cream :)Our house here is so nice but its great when we find little rodents running around. We have a mouse and lizards are everywhere. The Ramos family here has 3 boys under the age of 10 and they love catching the lizards. The lizards range from small to big and some from plain to wild coloring. When we went to the children's home it was so fun. The children refer to us as "Auntie and Uncle" . they tried to braid my hair but they told me it was too messy and too thin and gave up. Its neat to see these children welcome us when they have nothing and know that we have everything. We then took the children on a hiking field trip. It was a blast because for one the kids got to leave, run around, pick berries, eat a PBandJ sandwhich, eat pringles, play with us, and feel loved. With the group here one night during debriefing she said something that was just amazing to me "Its cool to see how God works on the other side of the world and makes you realize that God is the same here, africa, the USA, china, and everywhere" I feel blessed to be able to see God here in the middle of africa holding an african child who thinks the world of me. The last two days we went to the village where B2B future property is. The property in the middle of these large boulders and its beautiful. WE are trying to make relationships with the village people. These people live in huts, may eat may not, have children who run naked. The frist day at the village we just played with the kids. There were probably over 100 kids. And I would tickle one child and get chased by 10 because they just all wanted to play and run with me. We played duck duck goose and the african version of red light green light. The next day We walked around giving out beans, corn, and cooking oil. We walked into their "medical clinic" but it was no where to our standards. We prayed for complete strangers. this was probably the most scariest thing in my life asking someone if I could pray for them and that I just met them. We wlaked more, prayed for more peoplem, some people cried, some hugged, and in the end we knew that God was living. We talked to an old lady who had lost her husband and son and had no one to take care of her. she said she felt lost and that God had given up on her. we prayed and I know that when that prayer was over she had seen the light again because we gave her hope that Jesus is alive and the Lord is watching over her everyday. The village was so great and I love making relationships with these people. This week coming up looks very different because we do not have any other groups coming till july. So we are going to church in the village on sunday, going on a safari on wednesay plus swimming in hot springs, and then the next week we are teaching the kids at the childrens home. So many exciting things going on and so great to see how Jesus is shinning down on these people.
1 Thessalonians 5: 8 "But let us live in the light think clearly, protected by the body armor of faith and love, and wearing as our helmet the confidence of our salvation"

"No matters what happens in this life, nothing or no one can snatch us of God's hands. WE have our salvation which assures us protection from the evil one and eternal punishment and assures us of entry into the presence of the father and enternal joy" -from the B2B bible study for our theme "Shelter" found in pslam 91

I love that people are reading this and I thank you for the prayers! I love you all very much!

hopefully this blog wasnt too confusing and you can follow all my thoughts! :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

God created all men equal...

So I am coming close to finish up my first week here in Africa. The time here has been remarkable because its such a great experience filled with God, great people, and I'm learning more about myself everyday. Things are different here than the US. For instance when driving there are no lanes to be in ...kind of you drive where-ever and people beep here to let you know they are near..beeping is not a rude gesture and also for taxi's there are motorcycles and we have seen atleast 5 people on one motorcycle. Pretty neat. Today, I went to a Lebanese grocery store. The store had name brand items from the UK or America but very expensive. For example, Herbal Essence is 9 dollars here. Corrie bought me a candy bar that taste a lot like Dove chocolate. It was really good. The people I am living with are very cool as well. I am living with a family of 5. Chris Ramos, his wife, and 3 boys under the age of 10. Chris is on staff at b2B in cincy! They are a very neat family. Then there are the interns who are very older than me. There are two from Michigan and two from Iowa and then me representing NC! All of them have graduated from college which makes me the youngin! Which is cool to hear from their expericenes and learn from them as well. A couple of days ago we visited a hopsital and serves as a hospital and orphanage. The kids have TB or suffer from other illnesses. It was very neat seeing a simple hospital. They actually just got a ultra sound machine and a few other necessary items to make their help more accessible. The nurse was so excited to see us. The hopstial made me sad though knowing that most African children may never see a doctor. We also got to visit a store that is Christian place called Gideon Beige(might be spelled wrong) and this a store/house where widows make skirts and other items for sale and the profits go back to them to help them carry on in their lives. The building the are in use to be a place for horrible things such as sexual things. Its neat to see how God is working in this small of a place like Jos. There are actually lots of missionary people in this area trying to help these people out. The dress code is mostly strict as well. Girls mostly have to wear skirts down to their knees. Another cool thing we did was climb this somewhat mountain that is made up of boulders. We climbed for about an hour through rocks, up rocks, in between rocks, and saw monkeys! the view was breathtaking at the top. We then climbed down and went to downtown Jos. It wasn't that big but it was exciting and had tons of people. The place is filled with people selling things from strollers, to toasters, to fruit, and much more. We had ice cream at a local place. It was pretty good even though I'm not that big of a fan of ice cream. Nigeria is really neat and exciting. tomorrow we are cleaning the whole campus to get ready for our first group to come on Monday. they are from Eastern Kentucky University. Tomorrow I'm getting up to run at the school where corrie and Johns kids attend at 6am. Woo so early but so worth it! Funny, tonight we had sloppy joes for dinner! haha I thought it was funny and french fries with baked beans. Pretty american! Tomorrow we are going out to a resutrant to eat some real Nigerian food. Next week, we will spend more time in the village where B2B plans to build their property and hang out with the kids more. the kids are so lively and they attach to you in seconds. I am also learning a bit of Nigerian words to bring back to the states. I wish I could post some pictures on here but I can't download right now. Another interesting thing is that nigeria is in its rainy season so it rains everyday and it rains a it rained all morning and then cleared up. God is doing some amazing ministry things here. God is helping build relationships, providing finanically, and showing the people here who serve what the Lord's love is all about. Serving these orphaned children is really serving the Lord. Because we are all the Lords children and should look after each other. We did a bible study up on top of the mountain we climbed and one sentence struck me "all men were created equal in the eyes of God...the men in the slums are the same as the men who reside in the rich houses" in God's eyes we are equal and should continue to spread the love of Jesus in us all. I hope the states are treating everyone great! This is an incredible post because its so long and filled with so much information but I wanted to share all of the important information. Seeing the hopsital, playing with the kids, reaching the top of a boulder mountain, and seeing God's love all around me is making me change from the inside out.

Hebrews 13: 8
Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Love God, love People!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I named this blog due to the inspiration of the other girl intern named Amanda whose blog is "5967 miles" which is the amount of miles that is me from Africa. Pretty amazing and that may be off a bit. My time in Nigeria has been a blast. This is probably the coolest place ever and the scariest thing is that I can see myself living here and doing what Corrie and John do everyday. Life here is complicated but it makes you appreciate what we have in America. We do have electricity for most of the day but when it goes out and if its night time then it is pitch dark in the house and on the street. You can barley see the hand in front of your face. I find these things very unique because I take them for granted in the states. For instance, we have water heaters that we have to turn on about 20 mins before our showers everyday. If you are wondering about safety we have guards that are here 24.7 and a guard dog that is roaming from 11:30PM till 6am. He is a good guard dog. We are not allowed outside because he is that dangerous but that is a good thing because that way we know we are really safe. Nigeria is so different than Kenya. The landscape is way more rocky than where kenya is more grassy. I love it though because it is beautiful. So you are wondering what have I been doing for the past couple of days? Well, the first night when we got off the plane we were picked up by John and his son Gus and taken to a Guest house. It was like a hotel but really nice. I was impressed. The next day we drove about 3 hours from Abuja to Jos. We arrived and saw Corrie and the girls. The house we are staying at is really nice. Nothing, that I expected. We have running water but we can't drink it and flushing toliets. I like that we can flush the toilets! The electricity goes out but we have a generator we can run for about 3 to 4 hours which is very nice. We have to purify all of our water by a little packet of mixture. We, the interns, learned how to make our water today. You have to get a bucket of about 10 liters, put packet in, stir for about 5 mins, and as you stir all of the germs turn orange and make this nasty bubble looking thing. Then you let it sit for 5 mins and then pour into a clean water holder. I touched the nasty germs just for the experience and it wasn't bad haha just gross. Also, on our first day we got to go the the B2B new property or soon to be property which was a blessing to see. Its about 85 acres. We climbed these huge boulders to view and the view was out of this world. But today was also a great day because we got to visit one of the children's home. Its about 10 mins or less away. Its called CLAPA use to be known as CLAPF. These children are boys and girls that range from Pre-K to third grade and most of them have HIV or have been in contact with someone with HIV. These kids are great and they love visitors! We had a blast with them. I can't wait to hang out more. Then the rains came and we left. It rains almost everyday or more than once everyday here. And when its rains it pours. But, something about the rain here is just beautiful. As most of us hate it in the states but being here I see how great, precious, and wet it is to the souls who live here. We came back to the B2B house to have dinner prepared by our cook (A nigerian named Liyda) Her food is out of this world. I love it! Anyways, this place is great and I've only been here for a few days. This post was crazy and had lost of information but wanted to give everyone a hello and to give out a few things we were doing. Anyways, our summer's theme is "Shelter" found in psalm 91. I'll blog later this week. hope this gives you a little bit of an idea of whats going on but all in all God is great and what God is doing here is even great-er!And there is a bout a 5 hour difference here! Love you all! Praise God!