Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Sun rises early...

Feels like the days here start earlier and at nightime it feels much later than it really is. Most of us are exhausted by 8pm because it feels like 11pm here. Today is all of our day-off so we slept in which meant we slept past 8:30. Woosh so late! Ha! Anyways, for days when we have nothing planned we use a projector and watch movies, get online, do laundry, read, or play lots of board and card games. Time flies when you play games. Today, later on, we may go down to the missionary school(where the Gukenbergers kids go to school) and play soccer. Yesterday, was our first day shopping as interns in the market. Its no wal-mart here that for sure. Everything from toliet paper to fruit to meat are all over the place. Fresh meat was being cut on the board or being skinned. Kind of like a flea market but very disorganized and people everywhere. You had to barter and the ironic thing is that when you go to the market you never know what people will have in stock that day so you may want toliet paper but if they don't have it then you won't be able to get it. It was a neat experiece and seeing what people go through here to make meals and getting necessary materials to live on. I'd go again just because it was a lot of fun being with all the nigerian people and adpating to their culture. Tomorrow we are waking up around 6am to go to a safari about 3 hours away. Also at the safari is hot springs where we can swim. Should be fun! Hopefully, we can see some lions and elephants. Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying their summer! send me and email and let me know whats going on in your life! Id love to hear from everyone!


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  1. This makes me so thankful for Walmart even though that store irritates me sometimes. Puts it all into perspective, doesn't it? NC is enjoying a rainy season right now as well so you're not missing out on sunny days by the pool this week! I hope your safari was fantastic! May God continue to hold you tight and may your light continue to SHINE! Love you!